So many crimes are committed in the name of student engagement. Why not just use Skylanders and write the story of your play through? Why not play Civilisation and write the narrative of your rise to power and eventual world domination (or being obliterated by the nuclear weapons of that arrogant Gandhi chap). Why not investigate the problematic concept of emergent narrative in gameplay?
Minecraft: The Lazy High School Literacy Educator’s Crutch
Mark Clutton

Awesome read! I wish I had something intelligent to say. Instead, I’ll just summarize what I took away from your article:

Good teachers don’t need to use Minecraft to engage students and help them learn. Good teachers know their students and know the kind of learning and thinking they are trying to nurture, and they will pick the right tool for the job. Sometimes that will be Minecraft, but 99.9% of the time it’ll be something else. There is no one-size-fits-all tool.

Lazy teachers lack the creativity and understanding to pick the right tool for the job. They don’t know their students or the kind of learning and thinking they are trying to nurture. They glom on to Minecraft because someone else has told them it is a great tool—and by using Minecraft, they can use the one tool over and over again without needing to be creative or understand anything.

Getting lazy teachers to use Minecraft sounds good because it is often better than the tool they were using before Minecraft. But wouldn’t it be so much better if, instead of getting lazy teachers to use Minecraft, we focused on helping lazy teachers become good teachers? But maybe that’s just way too much work and the lazy solution is easier…

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