How do I build the Learningland materials my student need and deserve?

Great question! In exploring possible solutions, I think it’s important to keep what Seymour Papert wrote in Mindstorms in mind. First, it is difficult to build Learningland materials since almost everything we build will carry the germ of mathophobia (fear of learning). Because of that, we need to view everything we build with a critical eye and test to make sure that we are not perpetuating mathophobia unintentionally. Second, in Learningland, everyone learns anything naturally and easily. Learning does not require grit and passion. Creating an environment where we are in charge of our own learning but only those with grit and passion learn successfully is a clear subversion of Learningland; it is not the Learningland Papert envisioned and wrote about in Mindstorms.

Good luck in your experiments. I hope to read more about your progress in the future.

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