Right on David,
Andrew Markell

Hi Andrew, I understand that some authors post on Medium without any desire or intention to interact with their readers. I’m relatively new to Medium, but my understanding is that Medium didn’t add comments as a feature until later on. With that said, I love having thoughtful discussions and finding meetings of the mind.

Thank you for recommending David Bohm’s book—I will definitely check it out. By the way, I visited the Exile Leadership website, and I found your description of exile very similar to how I describe a mountain and compass journey between two normals. If you are curious, here are a few of my old blog posts on the topic:

The Mountain and the Compass

Pulling It All Together

Toward a Compelling Argument

Based on what I’ve been able to glean about your work, it sounds like you are doing with adults and organizations what I am trying to do with kids in classrooms. Keep up the great work!

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