Going back to this list a few times a year gives me a deep sense of motivation and comfort. These things I can clearly visualize are totally doable. So do them I will.
How to Think About Your Career
Julie Zhuo

Hi Julie, this idea is simply brilliant! You’ve inspired me to start my own One Day, I will… list.

I’ve been working on my own learning theory, and what you are describing is the transition from coherent to strategic learning.

As a coherent learner, one of your core values is continuous growth and learning. When faced with a new goal or challenge, you start by upgrading the skills and understandings you need to meet that goal or challenge.

Once you recognize that you can meet any goal or challenge that way—the things you visualize feel totally doable to you— you transition to a strategic learner. A strategic learner sets and works steadily toward long-term goals, and isn’t fazed by the thought of changing the world around her in order to make things happen.

Many people assume that only few people are capable of developing into strategic learners, but with the necessary support, I believe that we are all capable of getting there. Thanks for writing this— and I love your implicit assumption that this is something we can all learn to do.

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