I was certainly over-simplifying here to make a point about the importance of feedback as opposed…
Mark Sonnemann

I describe ‘expert’ learners as vertical learners, and this is how I describe them in my latest article:

A vertical learner is more than a lifelong learner. Over time, vertical learners become curiouser and curiouser, develop more advanced learning skills, and gain insight and perspective. Vertical learners don’t just learn stuff; they also learn how to learn.

However, the real reason why I focus on cultivating vertical learning as an educator is because vertical learners develop the skills and mindsets to discover and express themselves—they learn to identify their core values and align themselves and the world around them to those values. That’s all driven by increasing curiosity, insight, and perspective, which results from the development of advanced learning skills.

My goal as an educator has always been to help people discover and express themselves. Ultimately, it’s all about empowering people to think and act for themselves.

I plan to describe some of those advanced learning skills in my next article on triple-loop learning.

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