But, at the same time, I’ve come to suspect that most people don’t really care to be vertical learners, ever curious about everything and yearning to learn more.
Henry Kim

I guess I’m not ready to believe this is true. On the surface, most people say and act like they don’t really care to be vertical learners. But, as I mentioned in my last article, I was a middle school math and science teacher for a decade, and nearly all of my students developed an active learning mindset. Then, when I deliberately took a position in a private school so I could work with students for longer than a single school year, many students developed an active, sense-making mindset in three years. A lot of these students hated school, didn’t care for math or science, and didn’t see themselves as lifelong learners. Yet, when they had an opportunity to learn vertically, they seized it eagerly.

What would it do to society if suddenly there were no “followers” or “worker drones” and we were all vertical learners? It would disrupt everything. But if we were a society of vertical learners, we would figure it out. :)