The challenge, Brad, is worthy.
Andrew Markell

I think we start small and go from there. Every time you’ve experienced cognitive dissonance and revised a mental model, you’ve gone through “a difficult and prolonged period of disorientation and isolation where the signs and symbols around you suddenly made no sense.” We’ve all done that countless times ever since we were born. We do it because the benefits of revising our own thinking to better fit reality has generally outweighed the costs.

To reach the point where we are prepared to reconsider a mental model that is part of our “foundational framework of reality”, we would need to believe in our own ability to manage and survive the transition—and we would need evidence from past transitions that the transition will likely be worth it. So, start small and go from there.

Of course, the whole process is short-circuited if we are unable to tolerate cognitive dissonance and revise our thinking in even the smallest thing. As an educator, that is worrying to me.