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Source: Finextra, Square Press Release

“<Square> acquired Verse, a Spanish P2P payments app that allows customers to send and receive payments from friends and family instantly, safely, and free of charge.

We were drawn to Verse’s strong team, and they share a similar approach to us around inventing and learning to better serve customers. Verse will join the Cash App organization at Square, enabling the two teams to learn from one another as we provide them with additional support through Cash App technology and resources.”


Comment from Gauss Team:

It has been our privilege to add a token to the traction of Verse and we congratulate the team of Verse responsible for this milestone.

A new normal about employment initiatives, CAPEX investments, SaaS and machine-human interaction

My last flight was on February 26th, after, for almost 1 month, I battled with what looks like the virus that is now ravaging communities across the world.

The anti-bodies test is way off, making it impossible to second-guess the real cause of the malady, but the solace of isolation provides time for strategic thinking. Learning from personal experiences, borrowing from 3rd-party perspective, reading history lessons about similar events — I wish to quickly summarise my gut feeling about where the world would go.

UN agency projects a total loss of 195 million FTE equivalent jobs — disproportionally hitting part-time shifting employees. Unavailability of safety nets increases social distress as companies would invest more money in tech, taking more and more away from a user. …

Protecting the person from the collective will be a no easy battle. It will commence when Covid 19 is history.

Government always strove to accumulate information about the individual. Not that it was interested in personal details but in the power one wielded as one: if concentrated around property to be taxed or views to pose a threat to the central authority.

It seldom recorded personal trifles and labour travails, that only came about at the time of paper diaries. People recorded their routine to learn as to how one habits reflected themselves as devout Protestants — as the routine formed substituted the bell of the church before Reformation and before that, with the humanist movement — tracking of personal features and habits. …


Daniel Gusev

10+ years, 2 labs, 1 bank, 2 startups, 1 exit. Digital banker, wishful tinkerer, amateur father. Fintech VC @gauss_vc and co-founder of @finfitapp.

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