2021 onwards… with hope

It has been barely 1 year when I wrote a short technical update for one of the projects I am involved — and many years now since I stopped sharing pensive thoughts on a range of subjects — from book updates to industry news items that impact my line of work.

It was both Covid that touched me personally, physically and mentally, as the known network I relied on crumbled under pressure from the air-transmitted virus: closing travel, limiting ways to interact and collaborate. Pushing it all into the online domain, it sieved the flow of data via a medium that leaves no place to hide.

It pained and it stressed many people over.

At the same time it also allowed to reflect and re-evaluate my priorities, where and how I project my intellectual strength supported by sheer will and where I find no courage — or time to remain.

In part, 2020, conquered by online realm trying to imitate the real one, dispelled magic about future thinking. 2020 highlighted the need of future doing.

Countless hours of talks from dawn to dusk pains one willing to commit to action and delivery.

For the soul:

I am in particular happy to have found a hobby of guitar playing to soothers the over-tensioned internal strings — via touching those attached on a Fender. Slowly picking up memory to run on a fretboard, fingers provide soothing melodic phrases that cannot be expressed in words.

For one’s mind: its more and more thematic reading about times past, be that Antiquity, dawn of Christianity and its relationship with the Classical Philosophy and scientific manuscripts, rediscovery of these works in early Renaissance and how the broad change of people seeing themselves as individuals and tracking individual thoughts sparked dissemination of ideas.

It is also learning about industries sparked by creative individual thought and applying the trial and errors of these routes to the world of today and tomorrow. Seeing how baseline technologies opened up new industries that are times larger, I cannot wait and see new opportunities sparked by original success fintech.

Fintech era in itself is coming to its end: 2008–2021 course fueled by hundreds of billions of dollars of liquidity stemming from classic old web banking into new API banking has ran its course.

  • Scale requires capital, leaving less appetite to build yet another major player focussed on the same problem
  • Scale leave gaps at the seams, filled by tech that is unnecessary when you are small, but critical, when you achieve mass.
  • Fintech sparked
  • AI forensics
  • Smart onboarding
  • Faster and seamless checkouts
  • Marketplace aggregation for merchant
  • Efficient demand planning and price optimization
  • Logistics planning and warehouse automation

Where originally fintech served the user, providing one with a payment to pay with and remain happy, financially healthy — it now careens over to the merchant.

Integrated fintech awaits. Buoyed by Covid, online demand will stimulate supply.

Only a human. VC at @gauss_vc