• Rob Manders

    Rob Manders

    enthousiastic golfer, avid reader, sportsfan, IT professional and CIO in Financial Services industry. Opinions made here are my own.

  • Ho Tsung-wu

    Ho Tsung-wu

    Big data in finance, R programming, Econometrics.

  • covertress


    python dev ★ crypto hostess ★ into sailing running programming physics photography art space singularity languages wanderlust foodie

  • Yusuf Ansari

    Yusuf Ansari

  • Frank Mercado

    Frank Mercado

    Editor of “Essays to a World Under Construction”. I host shows in energy, sustainability and technology. NAFTA-AFTA | Intl Trade, Finance & Law | Wisdom Seeker

  • UniPay Gateway

    UniPay Gateway

    Enterprise-scale, open-source, #PaymentProcessing solutions for #Merchants, #PayFacs and PSPs. For more information, visit UnitedThinkers.com

  • jourik


    Art & London & AKQA | http://www.linkedin.com/in/jourikmigom | jourik@wearetransformers.com

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