The world of ambience

A short take on how the worlds of online and offline are merging

TechCrunch has recently published a post about Peex — a headset developed by a London company that redesigns live concert experience by giving the user a mixer to hear particular bands of sounds from stage: increasing vocals, adding brass, bass or front guitar: Elton John’s farewell tour marks the beginning for an audio augmenting wearable

It reminded me of Apple patents to limit phones functionality at concert venues to limit the ability to create bootlegged / unauthorised copies — since more singers depend on touring as streaming turned the massive streams of capital from new LPs into pixie dust.

It also coincides with development of new smart earbuds by several companies and the integration of AI/ML components — a local ML co-processor enhancing or modulating input of data based on ambience.

The same is happening with finance: it’s the long-tale of data originally discarded or relegated for reclamation that is now increasingly used to grasp the context and prime the usage based on this.

The mobile phone will become the broker, hand-shaking with external services and designing experience for connected devices based on ambient noise — turning it into music. From here it is absolutely imperative to control for privacy and identity as well as enable the integration through APIs — delivering to this world new services that account for the environment and hardware they operate in/on.