Yes Dave, I have; and if you could get past the sexual objectification of women you’d find that…
Nabeel Tahir

I’m not trying to bait you. I drive rideshare in a major city and have up to about 100 people in my car every night -many of them “hooking up”. My observations that women control their own behavior and appearance so as to maximize their sexual reward and control while minimizing the possibility of rejection stem from my daily experiences. I see men often caught in a hobson’s choice of having to participate by buying women drinks, dinners, gifts, and eventually a ring of the most value all to gain sexual access — facing a woman’s scorn if their tribute doesn’t please them in some way — or not and remain without female companionship at all. This is not to say that men never react negatively to the situation but what I see go on up close everyday is that most men are being manipulated by it and this is why I conclude that while some women assert that their sexual objectification is onerous, it is a dynamic that the vast majority of younger women perpetuate and maintain.

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