Catawiki to host DNI.Amsterdam on November 9th

Catawiki is the most-visited curated marketplace for special objects in Europe. The team behind Catawiki’s platform is on a mission to create a world where every special object is just a click away. This November, we’re teaming up with Catawiki for the DNI.Amsterdam event that will be held at their Sint Jorissteeg Street HQ: there will be keynotes by decision-makers, speed interviews, food and drinks, and good vibes — all on our host and us.

If you’d like to meet the team behind Catawiki’s tech, check out the interview below and apply to register for DNI.Amsterdam via

Thank you for hosting DNI.Amsterdam, Catawiki! What’s unique about your dev team?

We have an eclectic team that represents an international and intergenerational mix of people from different professional and cultural backgrounds. We currently have over 750 employees, hundreds of whom are in-house experts that specialise in unique categories and some of the brightest engineers. Furthermore, we’re investing in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) because we want to continue fostering an inclusive and queer-friendly work environment and we’re committed to making every Catawikian feel welcomed and empowered.

Unlike other marketplaces, we offer variety, quality, and accessibility. What does that look like in practice? Our in-house experts help ensure only the best, quality objects are offered on Catawiki (they refuse over 700,000 objects every year). There’s something for everyone — over 75,000 objects in auction every week across Art, Design, Jewellery, Fashion, Classic Cars, Collectables, and much more. And what’s key is that really anyone can buy or sell a special object. We have objects for everyone and most bids start at €1.

Three words that describe the atmosphere at Catawiki HQ.

Pioneering, Passionate, and Collaborative!

What’s your impact on the Amsterdam tech community, and what was the biggest learning that your team get since your HQ was established?

Catawiki was founded in 2008 by two Dutch entrepreneurs, René Schoenmakers, a passionate comic book collector, and Marco Jansen, an IT developer. So while we’ve already been around for a while, technology is part of our core so it’s key for us to contribute to the tech community, in Amsterdam as well as all around the Netherlands. Though COVID made it impossible, we’re slowly getting more and more involved. We’ve already invested in multiple meetup communities by hosting events in our Amsterdam office and are looking to get more involved next year.

Please share a few words about the tech openings that you’re looking to fill this fall. Which ones do you believe offer the biggest challenge to your team?

We’ve got plenty of roles in the dev, design, and product domains available this autumn, and even more of them are coming this December, January, and February. Here are some of them:

In Amsterdam, competition is fierce for high-skilled talent right now. The biggest challenge for us at this moment is to find the right candidate for our Senior Product Manager role (Search and Discovery), and for the Principal Front End Engineer role that has just opened up. If you think you’re the one, don’t hesitate to apply via Catawiki careers or register for DNI.Amsterdam via — we’ll be delighted to chat with you on November 9th.



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