Devexperts’ Newly Launched Porto Office to Host DNI.Porto on April 27th.

3 min readApr 3


Devexperts specializes in creating highly intricate software solutions and services for the capital markets industry since its establishment in 2002. The company designs financial software solutions for retail and institutional brokerages, investment funds, wealth-management firms, exchanges, and insurance companies. In April, the much-anticipated DNI.Porto event will take place at Devexperts’ latest Porto offices, with a lineup of decision-maker keynotes, speed interviews, and complimentary refreshments, all provided by us and our gracious host. To meet the tech team behind Devexperts Porto, read the interview below and apply for DNI.Porto waiting list via

Greetings, Devexperts team! We sincerely appreciate your hosting of the upcoming DNI.Porto event. We would be grateful if you could provide us with an overview of your company’s operations and the specific technologies you specialize in.

Devexperts provides a full suite of solutions for the fintech industry, covering all its needs. We specialize in trading platforms, brokerage automation, market data products, charting solutions, and fintech consulting services. Our company has been dedicated to offering unmatched products and services for more than 20 years, and our engineers are world-class, holding 30+ of the world’s most prestigious awards.

Our team holds vast expertise in various programming languages and tools. Our backend development is powered by Java, Kotlin, and .NET, while our frontend team works with React, TS, and a11y to create user-friendly interfaces. We specialize in mobile development using Kotlin, Swift, and Flutter, and our DevOps team utilizes Nomad, Ansible, and Consul to provide scalable and secure solutions. We also employ cutting-edge QA techniques with Selenium, Cucumber, and Jmeter to ensure high-quality software delivery.

Can you share with us the distinctive features that set your Porto-based tech team and office apart from others?

Our multinational team attracts excellent specialists worldwide and ensures everyone feels welcome. To nurture innovation crucial for the IT world, Devexperts organizes and participates in professional events, encouraging our colleagues to showcase their expertise and share it with other tech enthusiasts. We are proud of our modern and comfy R&D center in the heart of Porto and regularly host free educational meetups and other tech events there.

Name three words, which describe the atmosphere at your office!

Integrity, Development, Care.

What are the unique aspects that make working for Devexperts Portugal a special experience?

We maintain an atmosphere of development and commitment backed by decades of experience learning from our mistakes to create superior software solutions. Our company offers competitive benefits, flexible hours, remote-work alternatives, and modern office spaces to gather and learn from the foremost minds in the fintech industry. We support our team members in their aspirations, whether related to sports, music, professional certification, or foreign languages. Thus, Devexperts aims to help colleagues grow both as experts and human beings.

Please share an overview of your tech openings in 2023, and which ones in your opinion would be the most difficult to fill and why?

Currently, we’re looking for professionals specializing in Java and data engineering. The demand for these competencies is high now, and it’s challenging to find senior specialists with a particular background, which is fintech in our case. Here are the Devexperts Portugal’s most wanted:

Java Team Lead
Senior Java Developer
Senior Performance QA Engineer
Data Engineer

If you believe you are the right fit, do not hesitate to apply through Devexperts careers page or register for DNI.Porto via We are excited to connect with you on April 27th!