Meet the team behind Scout24 at DNI.Berlin!

Exciting news, friends. This January we’re teaming up with Scout24 for our first event of 2023, DNI.Berlin, which will be hosted at their new Berlin Central offices. Short and sweet keynotes by decision-makers, food and appetizers, lots and lots of networking, and good vibes all on us, and our host — so join us! And if you’re one of the 170 techies who signed up for the event already, here’s where you’ll learn about Scout24 and other brands that are part of the Scout24 family.

Welcome to DNI.Berlin, Scout24! Please tell us about your company and Scout24’s family of brands.

Scout24 is home of ImmoScout24, Germany’s #1 for real estate. With ImmoScout24 we have been revolutionizing the real estate market in Germany and Austria for 25 years. Our goal is to build a digital ecosystem that brings homeowners, seekers, and agents together. We help our consumers to find their dream homes, our professional customers build their businesses, and homeowners sell for the right price or find the right tenant.

Since 2020, Scout24 focuses solely on the real estate market in Germany and Austria with the brands Immoscout24, Immoverkauf24,,,, Propstack, Baufiteam.

Please tell us about all of the things that make your Berlin-based tech office unique.

Berlin is our biggest Hub and we have most of our tech teams based in Berlin. In December 2020, we moved into our new office — EDGE Grand Central Berlin — directly at Berlin Central Station. With open office space, meeting rooms, and state-of-the-art IT infrastructure, our new home not only offers more space but also completely new possibilities for agile working and creative collaboration.

Our Berlin HQ is considered the most innovative and smartest office building in Berlin with internationally well-known certifications for sustainability: 900 personal lockers, 130 bicycle parking spaces, 116 innovative meeting rooms…

A day in the office starts with a free healthy Müsli and fruit breakfast served in our Community Hub and continues with regular fitness classes in our gym which are in high demand throughout the week. More than that, we have spaces for any mood in the office such as a “bad mood” boxing room and nap room to quickly recharge your batteries. The teams especially like to hang out in the Community Hub or playroom with soccer tables and billiards in their free time. Last but not least, Sofa Nights with live events in our Community Hub attract particular attention from all Scouts and bring everybody together to have a great time after work.

Name three words, which describe the atmosphere at your office best.

Make It Happen!

What makes working for Scout24 so special?

People! Employees at Scout24 are driving the one-team culture forward and elevating each other. It’s really a pleasure working alongside a diverse group of people and feeling their support every day. Besides, Scout24 has many cool benefits such as working from abroad or bringing your dog to the office. Lastly, Scout24 cares about different groups of people with different needs, for example, there’s a parent-child room in our office for those who cannot find childcare and needs to be in the office that day.

What’s your impact on the Berlin tech community, and what was the biggest lesson your team learned during the pandemic?

We came and disrupted the real estate market 25 years ago with Immoscout24 and we continue doing that so. Our customers and consumers trust us with their most important decision in life — finding a home. We have a long history in the Berlin tech community where we experienced different eras and made our own mark in it. Remote and digital work have already been our everyday work before the pandemic, so the shift to going fully remote was easy for us. However, the pandemic era has taught us to be even more flexible. As a result, we changed to a hybrid working style which was relatively easy to adapt for us thanks to being a digital company with state-of-the-art and modern IT structures.

More about Scout24 and careers:

If you’re in town, join us for the DNI.Berlin event on January 19th, and if you’re not based in Berlin — check out our events in Germany via



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