in 60 days it is my goal to be absolutely shredded and jacked. right as school starts i want t o have a six pack with veins in my arms and bulging muscles. my whole life i was fat and unathletic and sustained many injuries and setbacks but i do not care. i worked hard to get to where i am now and i am so close to achieving my goal. each year i tell myself im going to get a six pack and the veins and everything else, and each year i fail. I must tap into a layer of bodyfat that has never been reached before if i want to succeed. cutting fat, especially for someone with my bodytype and history is no easy task. and the closer i get to my goal of 8% bodyfat the harder it will get. but i must stay focused with my eye on the prize. because just like repping out those last two or three reps on the bench that are completely agonizing and draining, those last two months or so of stringent dieting and exercise are what make the notable difference. THE REAL DIFFERENCE.