Decentralized News Network (DNN) Announces VIDL News executives Greg D’Alba and Charles Theiss to Join DNN Advisory Board

DNN Media
DNN Media
Jul 17, 2018 · 3 min read

Blockchain-based news platform, Decentralized News Network (DNN), is delighted to announce that industry leaders, Greg D’Alba and Charles Theiss, have joined DNN’s advisory board. Following the recent announcement of DNN’s official public token sale, set to take place starting July 25, 2018, the team is excited to welcome D’Alba and Theiss on board. The pair will provide strategic recommendations and advice to the DNN team, focusing specifically on business development and growth of operations within the media industry.

Greg D’Alba served as the President and Chief Operating Officer of CNN News Networks where he oversaw CNN portfolio of networks and Turner’s digital group of news, entertainment, sports and animation properties. Charles Theiss served as Senior Vice President of CNN advertising sales and managed CNN’s digital advertising sales, business development and ad operations. Both D’Alba and Theiss have recently founded news technology platform VIDL, and will partner up with DNN to leverage their blockchain technology.

Greg D’Alba has joined the DNN team as an advisor

“We are so pleased to assist the DNN executive team with the development and launch of the next generation technology platform to support independent, accurate news reporting and journalism,” said D’Alba.

“Greg and Charles are leaders and visionaries in the news industry. With our token sale right around the corner, we are thrilled and privileged to welcome them as members of our talent-packed advisory board,” said DNN co-founder and CEO Samit Singh.

Charles Theiss has joined the DNN team as an advisor

DNN’s self-sustaining decentralized news ecosystem offers their global community of journalists, reviewers and readers the access to participate within a transparent accountable platform with no central authority. DNN will introduce a token based economy to serve two purposes: reward and/or compensate contributions, and to recognize utility driven actions within the ecosystem. For those interested in participating in DNN’s upcoming token sale starting July 25, 2018, contact the DNN team on Slack, Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, or email them at


Decentralized News Network is a blockchain-based news platform that creates an ecosystem relying on a peer-reviewed, community-driven model of fact-checking, publishing, and news dissemination. DNN utilizes blockchain technology to underpin their network’s incentive framework in order to bring accountable news that answers to you. For more information, please visit:


Samit Singh
CEO & Co-Founder

DNN Media

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DNN Media

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