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DNN Media
Nov 6, 2017 · 5 min read

Did someone say “bounty?” Oh, yes we did!

The Decentralized News Network is inviting all interested participants to take part in the blockchain-based media company’s bounty program, which will run from November 6th until the end of the public crowdsale.

The aim of the program is to provide supporters with an opportunity to secure DNN tokens, in exchange for participation in DNN tasks. We’re on our way to a full product release slated for 2018, and we want you to be a part of the journey!

The program is split between marketing initiatives, and discovering vulnerabilities in DNN’s smart contracts. These contracts can be found here.

The bounty pool will be comprised of one percent of the total token supply or the equivalent of 10 million DNN tokens. Half of the tokens in the bounty pool will be set aside for marketing tasks, “marketing bounty pool,” with the remaining half allocated to code specific bugs, “bug bounty pool.”

DNN Bounty Breakdown

To ensure that everyone has the opportunity to earn tokens, stakes will be given during the duration of the bounty program for each task a participant completes. At the conclusion of the bounty program, the amount of stakes a participant earns will represent the percentage of tokens that he or she is entitled to. The entitlement will stem from the tokens allocated to each task’s bounty pool.

To get credit for each task, please join the DNN Slack or DNN Telegram, and fill out the DNN Participation Form with the details of the bounty you have completed.

So, without further adieu, here is some additional information about the bounty categories on the marketing side:

NOTE: If we find that a user has joined any of our bounties with multiple accounts per platform the user and all his/her Ethereum accounts will be removed from the bounty with no rewards. In an effort to ensure fairness, all participants must contribute weekly to the bounty until the end of the token sale. If any participant misses a week, they will risk being removed from the bounty program.

Alpha Interaction

Total allocation: 1,000,000 DNN Tokens
Token Cap: 5,000 DNN Tokens per user

To be eligible, you must perform various tasks within the Alpha to receive a reward, such as creating an account or submitting and reviewing articles.

Facebook Likes
Total allocation: 750,000 DNN Tokens
Token Cap: 5,000 DNN Tokens per user

We will be posting updates and blog posts to our Facebook page. Each Like, Comment, and Share will count. To be considered stakes, you must first like the Facebook page.

  • Liking a post: 10 stakes

Twitter Followers / Steemit Followers
Total allocation: 750,000 DNN Tokens
Token Cap: 5,000 DNN Tokens per user

Stay informed with the latest updates about DNN by following us on Twitter and Steemit. Feel free to Like, Retweet/Resteem, Comment or Mention Us in order to be eligible for stakes.

A Follow on Twitter or Steemit: 20 stakes per week you remain a follower.

Every Retweet, Quote, or Mention:

  • Earn 10 stakes if you have 300 followers or less

Join Slack / Telegram
Total allocation: 750,000 DNN Tokens
Token Cap: 5,000 DNN Tokens per user

This one’s simple, Join us on Slack and/or Telegram to earn 50 stakes. Those who joined before the bounty announcement will be eligible for stakes

Total allocation: 1,000,000 DNN Tokens
Token Cap: 5,000 DNN Tokens per user

Feel free to blog for or about DNN. For the bounty to count your blog must be publicly accessible.

  • Must have at least 1,000 characters or more without spaces.

We would also like to invite guest writers to join the bounty program. Articles from guest writers will be published on DNN’s Medium. If you are interested in guest writing for DNN, please contact us at

Please notify us via slack with a link to your blog post to receive your stakes.

DNN Town Hall Series

Total allocation: 750,000 DNN Tokens
Token Cap: 5,000 DNN Tokens per user

Talking Accountability — a DNN Town Hall will focus on the rise of misinformation in popular culture, and in the media realm. The four-week series will focus on a range of topics — fake news, sensationalism, publishing bias, bi-partisanship, etc — but with the centric theme of accountability standing at the forefront of each discussion.

Our goal is to open up the dialogue on relevant issues, and we believe you have valuable insight to share with the world. We anticipate a series of media experts to join our conversations.

What we mean by accountability is that quality and accurate news creation, dissemination, and consumption is a collective issue, meaning the solution must stem from collaborative effort. Connect with these events via our website at

  • Subscribe to DNN’s YouTube Channel: 20 stakes

Bug Bounty
Total allocation: 5,000,000 DNN Tokens
Token Cap: No Cap

Bounties on potential bugs range from 100 to 500 stakes. For a complete list of bug bounty categories, with indication of severity, impact and likelihood of each bug, please review the bounty program spreadsheet.

Please feel free to contact us via Slack and/or Telegram. As always, we welcome all feedback. For more details on DNN, visit our website.

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