My Truth, Your Truth, Or Our Truth

This week, we’re pleased to bring you another round-up of reasons why Decentralized News Network legitimizing news on the blockchain is inarguably necessary. Or, alternatively, another round-up of reasons why as society we must stamp out fake news for good.

The former was our truth, but the latter is the greater truth. So which is more significant? Which stands the test of transparency and actuality? Ultimately, it is up to the reader to make that decision.

This is the thing about fake news, what may be true to one may be false to another, based on our own ingrained biases. At the end of the day, we cannot disprove a belief tightly held that may give authority to base-less or alternative facts.

What may be true to one may be false to another, based on our own ingrained biases.

Because news publishing is a system riddled with human opinion, and thus bias, we’ve come to the conclusion that there is no other way to determine the accuracy of news other than creating an opportunity for blockchain powered anonymity couple with independent voting. Our faith lies in the greater community; with the help of technology, truth-seekers will guide the ship.

With that said, we bring you another rousing list of internet inaccuracies. We couldn’t make this stuff up if we tried. Well, maybe. Our thanks to Snopes for doing the hard part and decoding these bizarre pieces:

1. “Barron Trump Wins National Academic Award?

“A fake news article claimed that the President’s youngest child had won a national academic award.”

2. “Sean Hannity’s ‘Minor’ Bike Accident Today Ends Up Being a Death Sentence?

“Reports that the Fox News host was about to die after a bicycling accident were fake news.”

3. “A Barrel-load of Fake Clinton Murder Victims

“A satirical web site adds to the archive of distasteful fake stories about Bill and Hillary Clinton’s ‘victims’”

4. “Did Barry Wilmore See a Fellow Astronaut Outside the Space Station?

“A spooky quote from astronaut Barry Wilmore originated with a satirical article.”

5. “‘Star Wars’ Filming Soon in Your Town, USA

“Rumors that the new Star Wars movies will be filmed in various small cities in the United States came from a set of cloned hoax sites.”

Next week we’ll have another list ready for your entertainment. Until then, we’re almost ready for our beta launch, stay tuned. Get the latest DNN updates on Slack, BitcoinTalk, and Telegram.

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