The real question is: Who pays the reviewers, the infrastructure cost … ?
Rüdiger Möller

Reviewers are paid from the small fee which the writer pays, combined with a variable amount of tokens generated during the review process.

In regards to blockchain technology. Unlike the traditional platforms, blockchains enable a new way to condition behavior through tokens. In the case of DNN, these tokens obtain value through scarcity and work done to review articles. As you mentioned, people are conditioned to pay with their content, however, this is only the case when a platform is nothing more than a attention marketplace for advertisers. Whereby, users pay to use a platform with content sold by companies like Facebook and Google which reap the profits. In the case of a news organization, writers carry the burden of constructing articles that attract large amounts of viewers just to stay employed and earn a living. DNN aims to rewrite these incentives, by rewarding the collaborative effort to create meaningful content between reader, writer, and reviewer, before the content has been published. Something, that really can only be achieved with blockchains.

We explain DNN in greater detail in our white paper, which we are actively updating. We’ve enabled comments, so please feel free to provide any feedback or suggestions.

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