Blowing smoke through mirrors

Barcelona, Spain 2014

ME: Hey, Davis?

Davis: Yes?

ME: Why are you so hard on me?

Davis: Because you don’t make good choices.

ME: But… I’m not perfect., either.

Davis: Well… In my opinion? You should be.

I am a very flawed human being. We all are. Speaking that and learning to live through the mistakes, liberates us. Learn from your mistakes, and cease to repeat them. From that we can achieve wiser versions of ourselves.

ME: But what if I’m NOT what you think I am? What if you have built an ideal version of me in your mind that isn’t obtainable?

Davis: That’s you, making an excuse to not, be better. You’re making excuses and opting for laziness.

The truth is, there is nothing wrong with our flaws. Most of the time, what we consider our flaws, are all based on perspective. Usually, and almost always, this is our perspective only. Identify the “why’s” of what you consider your flaws. Why is this a flaw for me? How is this detrimental to my growth? Who does this particular flaw hurt most? What is the birth of this flaw?
Can embracing this flaw become a strength?

ME: Davis, please forgive me for all the things that I have done? I’m not the person you want me to be, I know. But the reality is that, this… (points to chest) I… I AM YOU. And the more you deny me and who I am… The more you will hurt yourself. Stop treating me like the bastard child born of wedlock. Instead embrace me and love me as the love child I was born to be, and allow me to be your strength on this path called life. I have nothing but great things to give you… But only if you learn to forgive me and work through those things you are truly insecure about, together. Is this something you are ready to do?

Davis: What if no one will like me for, embracing you?

ME: That’s a risk you will have to take… But you must ask yourself… Will you like yourself if you don’t?

Davis: ……. ….. …

ME: (sighs) That’s, exactly what I thought.

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