My hackathon experiences and Dreamforce #df14 hackathon experience

Just reached home back from my #df14 hackathon.

My Hackathon Journey

This is my 4th hackathon. Here is a quick recap of all my hackathon journey so far

4th hackathon — Dreamforce 2014 — connXions

So far Dreamforce 2014 experience have been one of the best experiences so far. Salesforce has come a long way from 2013 dreamforce hackathon. I was a little skeptic whether to participate or not. This time I have seen a postive impact on the development community and I have to appreciate Adam Seligman(developer head relations) work. He has done an outstanding job in this Hackathon and turnaround the salesforce hackathon to a dreamforce hackathon for developers. Transparency which was lacking in Dreamforce 2013 was a lack of experience on Salesforce part in 2013. A couple of things could have been done better like managing the time but given the amount of work ahead for Dreamforce 2014, Adam is making Dreamforce hackathon a reality. Bemyapp did ok and could have done better. Social voting of app (People choice award) category with an ipad/iphone app or twitter hashtag to tweet the favorite app or even use the challengepost to vote on your favorite app would have been a better idea. There is always a room for improvement. I did not win anything but Adam Selignan has won my trust and I definitely will participate in future hackathons.

3rd hackathon — Techcrunch Disrupt SF 2014 — safepixnow (a.k.a mysecretpix) with Sumeet Rohtagi

2nd hackathon — Dreamforce 2013 —Howl— Enterprise Product Reviews with Sumeet Rohtagi

1st hackathon — Techcrunch Disrupt SF 2013 — Chevy — Synctravel Chevy winner with Sumeet Rohtagi

My hackathon Quick Summary @Dreamforce 2014 —

connXions — Dedicating this app to teachers

Story Behind the code:

Problem Statement:

We have seen a lot of budget cuts recently in California and retirement of teachers is causing a lot of scarcity among teachers. Impact of this is the experienced teachers are short on resources (time, money , technology or help). Impact on students is huge and families are bearing the pain of these budget cuts , furlough days, etc and quality of education is degrading. In addition to that if a family need to reach out to the teacher, time to send an email, etc and manage the email is more burden for the ticket.


Developed a mobile app with “ResponseStream” and “QuestionStream” concept which helps families and teachers to connect with the teachers instantly and teachers can monitor their queue and build a social network similar to quora but keeping mobile first and connecting students, families with teachers. This responsestream will help teachers to manage their queue better and keep emails for important emails from principal or school events.

Target Audience:

Families, Students, Teachers and Schools

Key Features:

Q&A Stream”, “Question Stream”, “Response Stream” for families helps families to be updated with the unanswered questions and will help the teachers to manage their queue with “QuestionStream” and will empower families and teacher

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