Official Announcement | The unissued UDID Pass Cards have been burned

Dear UDID community members:

UDID Pass Card was originally scheduled to issue 9,999, with 3 Pass Cards allowed for each WL address freemint. By 11:00 EDT on 9/3, 2022, 1,500+ whitelisted addresses out of 3,900+ whitelisted addresses from 20+ countries have participated in the freemint campaign during the period: 4,758 UDID Pass Cards were issued by freemint users. And 5,241 UDID Pass Cards were unissued.

UDID Network core team has fulfilled the commitment to burn all 5,241 unissued Pass cards! The issued number of UDID Pass Card is limited, and the issue progress is fair, transparent, and community-driven. No matter whether you have a WL address, after 11:00 EDT, 9/3, 2022, no one will be allowed to freemint or mint the left unissued UDID Pass cards!

You can see the technical implementation details in the UDID smart contract open source code:

Thank you to the UDID community for the support!

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About UDID Network
UDID Network is a cross-chain, lightweight, scalable and unified DID Network that can link various fields of Web3. It commits to liberating domain name resources of humans, making DID to be used in the virtual and real-world without barriers. UDID Network is the first product launched by dnsDAO.

About dnsDAO
dnsDAO is a new experiment type of self-collaborating organization for community governance and development of Web3 infrastructure. The core mission of dnsDAO is to accelerate the iteration of Internet technology in a community-oriented, open, and equitable manner for the benefit of every Internet user.

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