Altering Texture Maps with Gimp

Objective: Adjusting the colors of our control room from yellow to gray.

The design of the control room looks great, but the yellow doesn’t make the scene look good.

Don’t even look at it. It's horrible

I want this to be a steely environment. To do this we should make the color of the tiles gray.

Now in order to do this we need to change the texture map gray. That will require us to use some type of photo editor like photoshop. But if you're a cheapskate like me, then you’ll want to use Gimp. This is a free alternative to photoshop that will allow us to alter our texture maps.

Altering the Texture Map

First you need to locate where your texture map is in your project view. Right click and choose the show in explorer option.

Then open up Gimp and drag that texture map into the photo editor.

Now in Gimp you need to open the Hue-Saturation settings and adjust them.

After adjusting the texture map, we can import this into our Unity project and replace the yellow texture map.

This is what our scene looks like after changing the texture maps.



Thanks for reading. If you want to see more of this control room, click here Control Room by JokingJester1 (



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