Quickly preview how your photos look in your Instagram feed with the help of Lightroom

Curating a well balanced feed on Instagram with pictures that complement each other nicely in every way is a great thing to achieve. Even more so, if you are maintaing the popular type of feed in which a landscape picture follows a portrait-format shot — like the one in the picture below.

Nicely maintained Instagram feed of @donhon

But there is a problem: How do you preview what the latest shot of your amazing latte art is going to look like in your feed? Or should you first post the picture of your gluten-free breakfast beagle?

Many of us run into this issue often — and many of us quickly post a shot just to have second thoughts seconds later and delete it again. After all, no one is going to take notice, right?

Unfortunately your dearest followers may have push notifications activated on you so they see when you post something. And then they are faced with a disapointing «not found» message instead of your latest masterpiece. So sad!

But that doesn’t have to be!

With the help of a Lightroom Print Preview Template, you are now able to preview how your images look posted in succession. So you can have another latte and take your time to carefully decide which images you are going to post in which order.

So, how does it work?

Just download the pre-made Print Template, place into your Lightroom Print Templates Folder. Then, in Lightroom, switch to the Print view, select the template from the Template Browser on the left hand side, and start to drag-and-dropping Images from the selector panel on the bottom. There you go!

The empty template
Instagram feed preview in Lightroom

Can’t find the folder to put the template file into?

Open Lightroom Settings, click on Show Lightroom Presets Folder, navigate to Print Templates and copy the downloaded .lrtemplate file into the User Templates folder. The template is then going to show up in your Print Panel within Lightroom.

If I missed something or if you know of an even better way to do this, (which is quite possible) ;), don’t hesitate to let me know.

All credits go to the amazing Dan Rubin (Dan Rubin’s Instagram) for showing this technique somewhere sometimes. I think Dan showed this in his Instagram story once, which is gone by now, so I created this little tutorial for you. It’s dedicated to my friends, who constantly post and delete to Instagram. You know who you are ;-)

And of course — there is an app for that! You can achieve this easily on your smartphone with the SnugApp.