S.O.S- I’m lost at sea

A call for help, for new direction…


I’m lost at sea.

944 other students are here with me.

I’m a high school senior. I go to school, a public school actually, in Los Angeles, California.

And I do pretty well here, my neighbors have been telling me I’m smart for most of my life. I played varsity football, wrote as an editor for the student newspaper. I even joined a few clubs here and there. The astronomy club was awesome, the debate team not so much.

I have a 3.7 GPA too. My parents are really proud of that.

But I made a mistake I’ll suffer for. I think about it daily.

I should’ve applied to college last Fall. And I know that now.

But I didn’t, because I was lost. Lost among the 944 other students my high school counselor was responsible for.

I never spoke with her once. I didn’t get my 38 minutes.

So I didn’t apply; the deadlines are all overdue.

So for now, I float. A second semester senior.

What do you expect? I don’t know what to do.

I should be excited for graduation, but it’s difficult to be excited about a ceremony celebrating the future when you don’t know what that future will be.

I guess I should consider myself lucky. Most schools here don’t have any college counselor at all. I’d rather have 0.001% of a counselor’s time, than 0%.

I just wish that 0.001% were enough to keep me on course, pointed in the right direction.


I’m lost at sea.

944 other students are here with me.





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