Fall for Growth

World of crypto currencies was shocked with the news about the ban of ICO in China. However, while speculators enjoy general anxiety, we suggest that you take a sober look at Bitcoin and understand what is really going on.

First, the real reason for Bitcoin’s decline is the staff reshuffle in the SEC in the US, which somewhat “speeds up” the positive trends in the ETF issue on the basis of bitcoin, which led the large speculators into activity, since with the advent of ETF, bitcoin is likely to be unprecedentedly in a rush of vivacity.

Second, it is likely that the issue on ETF has already been resolved, and now the bitcoin price tag is adjusted to the optimal values ​​for raising funds in the same ETF.

Third, in order to try to understand how deep the bitcoin correction can be, we decided to look at it as an ordinary stock, and in order not to load you with unnecessary analytical information (after it you can always appeal to our specialists in financial analysis), we note 3 possible purposes of the movement of the crypto currency

- 3900 $ (at the time of writing the article has already been worked out)

- $ 3735 (psychological support)

- 3541 $ (average price for 50 days)

- $ 3010 (standard deviation from the 50-day average)

It’s worth noting, friends, that such a drop is a great way to make money on the upcoming ICO dobetacceptbet, as we all know that Bitcoin’s return to growth will create new highs in the market, and BET’s tokens will not be an exception. In addition, against the background of the fall and prohibitions of ICO in China, most of the fake ICOs and simply unsupported projects will most likely disappear.

Alexsey Tarabanov
Head of the Department of Analytics and Finance.

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