New opportunities

The market of betting services attracts interest. Actually, it’s volume is 550 billion dollars a year.
Profitability of this business is up to 50 billion dollars annuallyand that is especially attractive. So level of profitability
reaches 10 percent of total turnover. Rare enterprise or type of activity can show similar indicators.
Despite the popularity of betting and gaming among the world’s population, the practice of bookmakers causes more and more criticism.
In particular users increasingly report cases of direct arbitrariness by bookmakers, for example, refusals in payment especially in case of
large gains under the pretext of “suspiciosly high odds to win” or “accidental” detection of several accounts (although in the case
of losses such a fact does not cause the bookmaker any remarks in relation to the client), and so on.
We believe that now is the time to transfer this business to a new, more civilized level, which will combine security of customer’s funds,
providing them with more opportunities and reliability in payments.
Based on this, we started developing a new virtual betting platform in various areas (sports, politics, culture and others) based on the
technology of blockchain and cryptocurrency.
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