Three answers to the question “Why doBETacceptBET?” part1

Why do I “bet”

For many years of experience in the field of financial investment, I repeatedly observed how new types of investment appeared and disappeared. But I would never have thought that bets on a favorite sport could become a living and beautiful kind of investment. When I first encountered the doBETacceptBET platform, I was pleasantly surprised.

- Firstly, I always liked financial markets, graphs, transaction figures, but I never saw anything like that on bets, which made it difficult to make a decision. And in the end, having opened doBETacceptBET, I saw a world so familiar to me and fell in love with it.

- Secondly, ease of use, the ability to change the decision on your bet at any time, makes this project virtually break-even for the participant — this could be called the market of rates in its most natural form.

- Thirdly, the use of its own crypto currency to implement the betting process, speeds up the process so much that it simplifies expenses both in time and in the whole by wallet (which is important), and most importantly allows me from anywhere in the world without special documents and other paper, to make decision or to change it.

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