Three answers to the question “Why doBETacceptBET?” part3

Why is the project doomed to popularity among the “players” can be explained by another quote from the authors:

“Players using our trading platform will get more benefits for their money, namely: — the guarantees of payout are provided by the rules prescribed in the smart contract and are protected from attempts to manipulate settlement terms from any of the participants, as well as third parties;

- all transactions are carried out exclusively in the crypto currency, which allows to limit the impact of any national or international legislation on the activities of bidders

- possibility to deposit and withdraw any amounts;

- possibility to do your own analytics on the basis of the accumulated data of the trading system for the forthcoming event, to apply tools of financial, exchange and mathematical analysis to assess the risk of decision making. “

This if you do not take into account that the project is conceived “without borders” and will not be realized in one single country. Therefore, I believe that my investment in the project will look better than buying shares in Apple.

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