15 Australia Foods that You Must Try as An International Student

Harmony Day at Scots English College. We feasted on Australian food and lots of other foods from all parts of the world!

Do you agree that one of the best things in life is experiencing food? The same is true when visiting a new country. Beautiful Australia is famous for its stunning sun-filled beaches, friendly people, diverse and delicious food. If you are an international student in Australia (i.e. you will live here for more than three months), then you should not miss the chance to enjoy these delicious Australia dishes.

1. Aussie barbecue

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Barbecue (also, barbie) in Australia is a way of socialising with friends and families, one of the must-have dishes for outdoor parties and weekend gatherings. It is so popular because of the fantastic weather most of the year. A typical Aussie barbecue includes beef burgers, steak, fresh seafood, bread, sausages and tomato or barbecue sauce.

2. Chicken Parmigiana

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Regularly served as a main meal in Australia, this dish consists of a breaded chicken breast topped with tomato sauce and parmesan, provolone or mozzarella cheese. It is often served with chips/ fries or salad, and the best place to enjoy this dish is in a pub. What is better than chatting with friends, sipping a beer and enjoying chick parmigiana after a hard-working day of studying your ELICOS course at Scots English College?

3. Barramundi

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Looks great? The word, barramundi, originates from an Australian dialect, translated as ‘big river fish’. This is Australia’s most popular fish. Do you know why? Maybe because it can be fried, baked, grilled or barbecued. No matter how it is cooked, this fish makes an extremely delicious dish.

4. Kangaroo Meat

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You can try kangaroo steaks, kangaroo sandwiches, dry kangaroo meat or kangaroo sausages. You can also open yourself up to a new experience with kangaroo meat — for example, enjoying it in a stew or pizza. If you are studying abroad in Australia, why not take this chance to taste this iconic Australian food?

5. Crab Sticks

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This food may be familiar to many people in the world, especially those who love Japanese food. International students in Australia should keep this convenient food in their fridges. When needed, this delicious dish will be ready to satisfy any hunger.

Interestingly enough, crab sticks often contains no crab but kinds of white fish ground into power and shaped like crab legs. This dish becomes even more yummy when it is fried with oil.

6. Burgers

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Burgers are one of the most popular foods in Australia. And what makes Australian burgers different is that beetroot is added. This makes the dish more tasty. Try it!

7. Vegemite

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This food is true-blue Australian. This brown paste looks a bit like Nutella, but it tastes different. The paste is made from fermented mushrooms, tasted salty and a bit of bitter. The advice is that you should spread a thin layer on a piece of toasted bread, and it’s time to enjoy a good source of Vitamin B and folic acid.

8. Lamingtons

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These cube-shaped cakes dipped in chocolates and coated in coconut are worthy of the title ‘Australian cake’. Just cut the cake, add some ice cream or jam and enjoy them for afternoon tea or coffee. Also, don’t forget to bookmark your calendar, June 21st is National Lamington Day.

9. Meat pies

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If you have never tried a meat pie, then you may not have really experienced Australian culture. Indeed, you will find it hard to resist this dish. Around 24 million Australians are estimated to consume 300 million meat pies each year. This is also a very familiar food for international students in Australia, as it is easy to buy, delicious, convenient and very reasonably priced.

10. Rolls

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Rolls are the perfect choice for lunch, after a long night or any time. International students in Australia often see them as a snack while studying. For example, Chiko rolls is an Australian version of a Chinese egg roll. It is stuffed with meat, barley, cabbage, carrots, celery and rice before being fried with oil. Other types of rolls are cheese and bacon rolls, and sausage rolls.

11. Tim Tams

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Tim Tams (also known as miracles) are one of Australian favorites. They are made from two layers of chocolate-malted biscuit separated by a light chocolate filling and coated in chocolate. There are several different flavours including dark chocolate, limited edition coconut, caramel, strawberry, etc., but you definitely can’t go past the original! Australians eat about 45 million packets of Tim Tams each year. The Tim Tam factory in Sydney produces 3,000 biscuits each minute. In case you don’t know about a ‘Tim Tam slam’, this is what you do; bite off the ends of the biscuit, then drink through it like a straw. Use it to drink a warm beverage. It melts the chocolate making it soft and perfect.

12. Fish & Chips

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Both the fish and potato chips are fried in oil. Enjoy them while reading a book, which is more than enough to make your day. This is a simple, easy-to-do and delicious meal very suitable for international students in Australia.

13. Damper

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As a traditional Australian bread, damper consists of a wheat flour based bread, water (or milk) and salt, all of which are mixed and baked in the coals of a campfire or in a camp oven. As it is light in flavor, it can be served with sugar, tea, a traditional yellow jelly type or any meat type. If you are studying abroad in Australia, it is very easy to enjoy this delicious bread as they are widely sold in all the stores throughout Australia.

14. Anzac biscuits

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These sweet cookies were originally made by the wives of ANZACs soldiers (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) during World War I. Today, they are peacefully enjoyed at tea parties and to celebrate ANZAC Day April 25th.

15. Pavlova

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Anna Pavlova, a Russian ballet actress in the 1920s, was the inspiration for the dessert of the same name. Its ingredients consist of a meringue cake coated with fruit and fresh cream. There has been a great debate over whether the cake was originated from Australia or New Zealand. But then it is realised that desserts always knew the way to the heart, so they stopped arguing and simply enjoyed it together, in perfect harmony.

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