5 Ways International Students Can Improve English Speaking

Studying English in a vibrant English-speaking city like Sydney is a great way to skill up your English. If you’re studying or planning on applying to study in Sydney, here are 5 ways you can improve spoken English.

Many international students may be quite comfortable reading and writing English, but not as comfortable listening and speaking this language.

Studying abroad in Sydney is one great opportunity for you to skill up your spoken English. It is a safe place for you to visit, an easy place to befriend others and a favourable place to practise English. In Australia, the government regulates the English teaching industry to make sure that all foreign students receive a high quality of instruction. Scots English College is a government registered ELICOS provider. If you enrol in our English language course, you can be assured of quality of educational outcomes and the provision of quality student services.

Below are 5 ways you can improve spoken English, which will likely help you to adapt more quickly to your new academic and social environment in Sydney.

1. Don’t be afraid to practise

One of the main difficulties with speaking English faced by non-native speakers is confidence. Some of the most common reasons is the fear of making mistakes, or being judged based on the amount of English they know. If you are not afraid to practise speaking English, you will be able to find out where you need to improve and anchor English pronunciation into your long term memory.

2. Reach out to your fellow students

To make sure you are comfortable in class, get to know your classmates. You can start by sharing information about yourself and your study plans. At Scots, we encourage ‘English Only on Campus’ that reinforces English learning in a safe and proactive manner so that students can learn to speak and think in English. Scots has a luxurious common area with coffee, tea facilities which facilitates conversations among international students.

3. Learn from your teacher

You can learn a lot from your teacher and classmates. Be sure to ask your teachers about anything you couldn’t understand. Tell them that you are trying to improve your speaking skills and would like them to help you. Our teachers are happy to do extra work with you.

4. Think in English

Thinking in English would help you to learn English correctly and quickly. Pay extra attention to how words would sound rather than how you think they should be pronounced. This way will help you to pronounce English properly and save yourself time with relearning words.

5. Travel, discover and learn

Who isn’t excited to travel the world? To make sure you have a great study experience in Sydney, make an effort to discover the city. Hang out with locals and learn the language. Scots offers many Study City-Tours for students to open up opportunities for you to improve your English skills via face-to-face experience and to cultivate your knowledge of Australian people and lifestyle.

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Originally published at scotsenglish.edu.au.