7 Types of Friends You Make While Learning English in Sydney

Learning English in Sydney is a challenging yet rewarding and enjoyable experience. There are many good things you won’t forget and feel grateful and blessed for. One of them is friendships. No matter where you come from or where you’re going in the future, these friends share important common experiences with you. Here are 7 types of such friend.

1. Mom or dad

They are often found with snacks, extra tissue or emergency bags. They take care of others on school trips. This mom-figure also acts as a shoulder to cry on during hard times and is the first to give medicine and chicken soup when you get sick.

2. Traveler

They are usually outgoing and will travel every weekend. They know the best places to visit and coolest things to do in the city.

3. The talkative one

They are very friendly and cheerful. It is easy to make friends with them. You may never get bored with these people in class. If you are looking to practise your English speaking skills, they will be the perfect partner.

4. The one with great English

These students impress you with their English skills. You often trust them to ask for language advice and tips.

5. The studious one

They spend more time at home studying than in a social setting. Whether they are taking a General English course or need to conquer the IELTS exam, they always do their best to improve their English level and are very focused on their studies.

6. The homesick one

They often feel nostalgic. They crave home-cooked meals and miss all things home. They may feel lonely and isolated in class. You can take initiative to talk with them or walk around and explore the campus and the surrounding area with them. The more they feel like the campus and the city belong to them, the more comfortable they will feel in the new environment.

7. The instant good friend

Studying in a foreign country with strangers is definitely a struggle. But sometimes you meet someone and realise you have found a good friend for life. After the course ends, you will realise that you have been lucky enough to be at the same place at the same time with such friends. Can we call this destiny?

Originally published at scotsenglish.edu.au.