How to Find Your Way When Traveling in Australia

It may be difficult to find your way when travelling in a foreign country, including Australia. But with the right navigation tools, you don’t have to worry about whether or not you are in the right direction and instead just enjoy your English language course at Scots and memorable trips in the city.

Paper maps

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A paper map will make it easier for you to get through the city streets than using digital maps. Your memory would accumulate more information than just relying on the direction shown on the digital map. Digital mapping depends on batteries and the Internet, which makes it a less dependable option compared to the traditional map.

You should buy a detailed map that covers the areas through which you wish to travel and thus can be used for various purposes. When traveling to new places, you can buy a Lonely Planet’s Australia destination guide at the Lonely Planet website, at a news stand or in a store. These guides come with not just guides and maps but a wealth of interesting cultural and life information.

Electronic and web applications

If you are a fan of modern technology, you can search for various applications featuring route directions.

For example, Google maps make your navigation much easier. You can enter the starting point and the destination, and then Google maps will plan a route for you. If you use an Iphone, you can download I-maps instead.

Some cities also have route planning web pages developed by local transportation companies. You should ask students who have studied there before or the student support services at your College for information about these web pages.

Local people

Nobody is more familiar with the locality than the local people, and they are the most helpful source of information you could use. Besides asking for directions, you can also ask for the shortest way to the library or where the cheap student bookstores can be found. Similarly, don’t be afraid to ask waiting staff about unsafe places to avoid or opular local markets.

Normally, people are very proud of their city, so they will be very open when asked for directions. Don’t be afraid! This is also a great way to make friends.

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