How I Lucked Out And Got The Car Of My Dreams

Here’s the story behind this car…

Just a few years ago, I never even dreamed that I could make a video game, let alone actually work in the game industry. No matter how difficult it may seem from an outsider’s perspective, it’s absolutely possible to turn indie game development into a sustainable career.

Kind of.

You just have to get really lucky and you also work hard enough to get lucky in the first place. You can’t just sit around and wait for opportunities to come by.

But just working hard isn’t good enough. Plenty of people work hard.

The key factor? Grit. Having grit means having the persistence to stay the course through the difficult times, with only a glimmer of hope to keep you going.

After enough effort, determination, and a whole bunch of luck, I finally was able to afford my dream car earlier this year, an F80 M3. It’s probably the worst financial investment of my life, as cars are depreciating assets and are almost never a good investment.

However, it serves as a constant personal reminder. Every time I go to the grocery store to pick up some eggs (or potatoes), I’m reminded of how lucky I am. The car is a reminder that if I work hard enough, I can come across enough to make my dreams happen.

And that keeps me moving forward, regardless of how slow progress might seem, or how poorly some of my days go.

On days where people tell me how lame and useless my blog posts are.

On days where I launch a new game and someone tells me that the game is utter garbage and that I should stop making games.

On days where people tell me that I’m a horribly untalented game developer and that no one in their right mind would ever buy an ASCII game called something as dumb as “SanctuaryRPG.”

Because at the end of the day, as cliche as it sounds…

It’s all about the journey.

I may write horrible blog posts sometimes, I may release games that aren’t perfect, and I may create games that may cater to the wrong demographic. But at the end of the day, I’m trying my best, staying on my path, and striving to do better than I did yesterday.

You too can achieve your dreams if you get lucky enough.

Just don’t be too hesitant or too afraid to make your own luck.

If you haven’t yet started, start now.

If you’re still on your path, keep going.