If you’re not resourceful, hard work isn’t going to save you. Here’s why…

Is hard work overrated?

I think so.

You can spend hundreds of hours manually doing something that you’re bad at, or you can spend an hour figuring out how to delegate or automate your workflow.

My personal rule of thumb?

Know your strengths, and double down on them.

Delegate or automate everything else.

When I was working full time as the development lead on SanctuaryRPG, I knew that I had to delegate or else I’d go crazy.

I was okay at ASCII art, but not great.

I was okay at composing music, but not great.

I was decent at storytelling, but not great.

It was a simple decision. I ended up delegating these three roles to people who were amazing at it.

I ended up focusing on programming, marketing, and project management. My core strengths.

Could I have done everything on my own? Probably.

It probably would have taken me a few years longer and probably would have turned out badly, though.

In game development, you simply don’t have enough time to do it all.

Learn to delegate and automate.

Next time you start working on something, think to yourself…

1. Is this really what I should be doing right now?

2. Is there someone who can do this a lot better than me in a fraction of the time?

3. Do I have the means to delegate this?

It’ll make your life a hundred times easier, and it’ll get you to a finished and more polished product.

Focus on what your strengths are.

Team up with people who can make up for your weaknesses.

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