The best indie game developers ask the same questions…

Is there a market need for this game?

Who is the potential customer?

Where is that customer?

It’s too easy to rush into something without stopping to clearly figure out who exactly needs your product.

In the case of indie game development, you’re looking to attract a very specific subset of gamers: people who will purchase and play indie games in the genre that you’re working in.

Remember, the more narrow your customer base is, the easier it’ll be for you to find them.

Most game developers struggle immensely with marketing because they’ll try to appeal to a person who doesn’t care for their product.

Don’t be that person.

Instead, grab the email addresses of 8 of your favorite customers.

If you don’t have customers yet, make a list of 8 people who you would believe to be your ideal customers who will actually purchase your game.

Next, search each customer’s email address on Facebook, and create a spreadsheet listing each person’s…

Name, Age, Location, Gender, and Groups

If there’s not enough information on Facebook, stalk them elsewhere!

Remember, as your ideal customer is very specific, you need to find patterns.

After finding these patterns, you should be able to describe the following in great detail:

1. Their favorite websites and social media platforms where they can learn about a similar game.

2. What they do for a living.

3. What specific things they’re looking for when it comes to games in your genre specifically.

Once you know exactly who they are, and what they’re looking for, the rest is easy!

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About The Author

Daniel Doan is the Co-Founder & CGO of Black Shell Media and the developer of SanctuaryRPG and Overture, among dozens of unfinished game prototypes. You can connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.