Why you’re probably doing game development all wrong…

“You’re right.”

Those words are echoed daily by millions of people worldwide.

Once we decide that we’re right, we spend a lot of time and energy trying to defend our righteousness, especially in game development.

However, if we look at the situation objectively, we will quickly become aware that maybe we’re never doing anything objectionably “right.”

Our way might be a good way, it can be a valid way, and heck, it might even be a better way than most.

But, it’ll never be the right way.

The moment you believe that your way is the right way, all other ways will be indisputably wrong.

That kind of attitude can only paralyze progress and shut down your creative juices.

Let me make a small suggestion…

The next time you hear yourself saying that you’re right, correct yourself.

Tell yourself that it may be correct, and that you might even act upon that though, but… there might be an even better way.

Tell yourself that you’ll try to find that better way.

In game development, whatever it is that you’re doing might be effective, but chances are, there’s a better way.

One small adjustment to your normal process, whether that be programming, game design, art, music, etc… could dramatically improve your productivity.

Your way of doing things might be effective, and it might be valid, but it’s never “right.”

There’s always room for improvement.

You’ll never do things better if you don’t actively seek to improve.

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