Why theJurists Europe is launching the very first B2B legal robot.

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(Chat) bots, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Popular terms you’ve probably heard of before. Too bad these innovative concepts are often misused by projects referring to artificial intelligence (hereafter AI) only to present themselves as modern and trendy, without actually changing the core of the profession or sector in which they are introduced.

99% of the law can be automated

99% of the law can be automated. Don’t tell the average lawyer, because you won’t be making any friends. And yet, it’s the truth. The combination of written law (legislation), spoken law (jurisprudence) and the study of both (legal doctrine) can just as well be interpreted and converted to human language by an intelligent bot.

There is no world as traditional and outdated as the legal sector. No sector is as criticized (often with good reason) as the one of the legal profession and justice system. Companies and private individuals alike walk dazed and confused, as if it were a Matrix-like world. The reason for this is not hard to find. A professor once asked the question why a codex is never drafted in a readable and transparent language. The answer was both upsetting and childishly simple. Imagine that everyone would be able to read and interpret the law; lawyers would become almost redundant. The auditorium was filled with the jeering of the future legal elite. The only thing I heard: the challenge ahead.

The 7 years

For the past seven years, I have been striving for a democratisation of the legal world. Often much to the dismay of the established names within the legal profession. The “thorn in the side”, as it’s called. Seven years ago, after launching the website, I had my first client within the first week. After all, most others had never heard of branding, social media and decent design.

All that has changed. Those law firms with golden nameplates of the past have now discovered the online world and they don’t hesitate to spend large amounts of money for their online branding. That is a good development. It has also created a new challenge for my agency.

2017 is the year of democratising technology. AI and machine learning will change the economy drastically, and forever. I have waited seven years for this technology. For the past seven years, I have been dreaming of making the legal world relevant and accessible for everyone.

Lee & Ally

With Lee & Ally we are taking the biggest and most important step in the history of deJuristen. All companies will change into tech companies in the future. deJuristen has become one today. It’s still a beta or test version. That’s because we are currently confronted with the limits of today’s technology, which also means that human presence within Lee & Ally remains crucial. In 2025, and surely 2030, technology will be so advanced that human legal advisors will be almost redundant. A bot should be able to answer 99% of all legal questions correctly and extensively. Moreover, Lee & Ally is the very first legal B2B robot in the whole of Europe, and even beyond.

Our jurists will, however, always remain of importance. Entering new data, interpreting and changing whenever necessary, and the safety net they will offer, will be crucial for the development of Lee & Ally. deJuristen, together with theJurists Europe, underwent an extensive rebranding in order to meet its objective of legal niche player in digital law.

Alea iacta est (after all, we are jurists). The quote below, which is written on a wall in one of our offices, explains our story better than any press release could ever do:

“Those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.” — Steve Jobs.

All that remains is to express my heartfelt appreciation towards my team, which has been working for months, day and night, to help realise the same dream.

Apple ad from 1997 (never aired).

Door Matthias Dobbelaere-Welvaert, managing partner theJurists Europe.

Matthias Dobbelaere-Welvaert

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Managing Partner theJurists Europe @theJuristsEU (www.thejurists.eu), a disrupting firm specializing in IT & IP law. // Professor @ehbrussel // Board @FeWeb.