Here’s how reMarkable is different from your regular tablet

My issues with reMarkable are these:

  1. I love the fact that it’s distraction-free, but the main reason I need to be rid of distractions is so that I can write. Though I do like to write with a pen and paper — I mostly prefer to edit with those tools. More often, I prefer to write with a keyboard. If reMarkable had bluetooth support and a simple text editor, I would have pre-ordered immediately, even at a not-discounted price.
  2. It seems crazy to me that you went with MicroUSB when it’s so obvious that USB-C is the future. Currently I carry one charger when I travel. It works with my Samsung phone and my Google Pixel LS laptop. I don’t want to carry another.

To some those may seem like minor desires that shouldn’t stop me from purchasing, but to me, they seem so “obvious” that I cannot help but think that in 8 months you’ll be putting out reMarkable 2 and it’ll have both those features and they’re not things that can be solved OTA.

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