4 Quick tips for designing a direct mail postcard

1. Simple

Keep your postcard simple. We have all seen postcards that have too many images, too many words, and too many colors. This distracts your audience from what your intention is and it will make sure that your direct mail postcard goes directly into the trash.

2. Branded

Never underestimate the importance of a unified company brand. Your postcard must have a similar theme to all of your other marketing materials. This includes your business cards and your website. If you are successful in building a strong unified brand with your company then something as small as your company colors can make a potential consumer think of you.

3. Call to action

A direct mail postcard must have a call to action somewhere on it to achieve the best results. Your call to action can be to get customers into a store with a coupon or discount. Alternatively, it can be something as simple as driving customers to your website. Direct mail postcards are a great way to increase web traffic.

4. Targeted

Probably the most important aspect of a direct mailing campaign is your targeted audience. Your local printing company can give you access to very specific lists so that you can target your potential customers. There is no point in sending out postcards randomly when you have access to lists that can send the postcard directly to a potential customer.