How To Design An Effective Brochure

When designing a brochure to explain your company’s product or service there a few important things to keep in mind.

1. First and foremost, you should design an eye catching cover. This is the first thing that your target audience will see and it is important to draw their attention to your brochure. You want your potential customer to be curious enough to open the brochure and look for additional information. You also want your brochure to be unique so that it separates itself from the other brochures this customer has received.

2. Second, remember to show and not tell. You should use pictures and small amounts of text to describe your service. This is a brochure not a book. You will only have a few minutes of your potential customer’s attention so you need to get across as much information as you can quickly. The best way to do this is pictures and not long paragraphs of text.

3. Third, do not cut corners on quality. This brochure describes your business; it is meant to represent your product. Having a low quality brochure gives the customer a bad first impression of your business. A poorly produced brochure insures that your target audience will simply toss the brochure out the first chance that they get. Have a professional design your brochure, there are many tips and tricks that the professional will know that will make it a far more effective brochure. For example, certain colors are considered too distracting and certain fonts are not effective for particular strategies. A professional will know all of these things to consider, they are worth the extra cost to see the most return out of your brochure.

4. Fourth and final tip, make sure to include a call to action. If the purpose of your brochure is to get people to call you then give them a reason to call. Ask the customer to seek more information by giving you a call or by visiting your website.