How To: Trade Show Booth Marketing

Trade shows are an excellent way to market your business. But what all is needed to get the most out of your trade show booth?

1. Posters

· Posters are a great way to show pictures that showoff your company’s products or services. Hang a few behind your booth to catch the eye of people walking by. These are most effective when they are simply pictures and are not designed to overload with information. Make them eye catching and pleasing to look at.

2. Retractable Banners

· Retractable banners are a must for every trade show booth. They are easy to transport and install. They are compact but then expand into a great marketing tool. A well designed retractable banner will draw people in to your booth and let them know who you are.

3. Flyers

· Your trade show booth should have a strong mix of informational material. Flyers are an easy handout to pass to people that won’t bore them with too much. A flyer is not meant to give every detail about a product or service. It is meant to catch the eye and make people remember your company.

4. Brochures

· With your flyers you should also have a few brochures. These will be informative and have more in-depth information on your service. These you will hand out to people who seem more interested or who request more information.

5. Coupons

· A coupon is a great way to draw people to your booth. They also serve as an excellent tool to get people to come visit your store after the trade show. People will be more likely to keep a coupon then the rest of the materials they are given that day.

6. Giveaways

· If you have ever been to a trade show or a business expo then you have seen that most booths offer some sort of free giveaway. Maybe a chance to win a prize by entering a drawing or some free promotional handouts like pens. These giveaways will get people to stop at your trade show booth rather than just pass it by.

Consider these 6 things to get the most out of your next trade show booth.

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