Is It Too Late To Be A Writer / Entrepreneur / X at 28 / 38 / 48 Years Old?
James Altucher

Good timing James! Last month I got the idea (working my idea muscle on the daily) that I need some way to practice writing so I can get this first book out of my head onto some form of media.

Then I remembered Kindle Direct Publishing and all the helpful tools Amazon is helping out entrepreneurs with.

Then I watched you show up in the bonus section of Evan Carmichael’s “#MakingIt as a WRITER” YouTube Ep a few days ago. Really honest and authentic message you gave.

And then it was yesterday I believe…hard to tell with my ever evolving sleep period that changes again and again YEAH!…I read your ambassador statement on KDP webpage for “Business & Investing” categories.

The line I want to deliver connecting these dots is that, when we are honest with ourself enough to authentically pursue our dreams…those dots appear as stars pulling dreamchasers into the best version of themselves.

So thanks for all your advice! The story you tell truly has authenticity, tension and audience intertwined throughout.

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