My Long Road to the White House

Interior of the White House

I will not be taking the traditional route to the White House.

I do not plan to run for any elected office before my run for the presidency. People have tried to convince me otherwise but I do not want a life that is only politics. I feel like that would get me less in touch with regular people. Also, if I am in elected office people will judge my performance in those roles when considering me for president. I don’t want my goal to be staying electable. I want to do the most good I can, even if some people disagree.

My goal is to learn as much about this country and the world in the next 24 years as I can. I want to make informed decisions.

I know some things about education because I am currently a preschool teacher and my mom was also a teacher. I know some things about healthcare because I’ve studied Speech and Hearing, and I also experienced my father-in-law being in a coma. I know some things about LGBTQ issues, because I am gay. I come from a family of computer nerds so I understand “the cyber” (as many politicians call it) reasonably well. I know some things about Criminal Justice because I’m currently studying it. I know a lot about the Holocaust, because I watch a lot of documentaries. I understand I have blind spots but I am trying to make them smaller.

Some of you may know me by my stage name because I write and do comedy. The presidency is not a joke, but it’s my belief that a healthy sense of humor is helpful for every profession. I plan to continue writing and doing comedy, mostly because I enjoy it but I also think it will be beneficial for campaigning. Difficult news is easier to digest as jokes. Comedy will help prepare me for when I have to debate and do television interviews.

When I was younger I thought that I would never get married. Partly because I wasn’t great at dating but mostly because it wasn’t legal for me to marry a woman. A few years ago gay marriage became legal and shortly after that I got married. I want to continue improving things for gay people and other groups.

I don’t plan to go door-to-door and call people on the phone promoting myself. I don’t like forcing people to talk to me and with a 24 year campaign I don’t want to annoy everyone.

The first thing I did was start a twitter page for my campaign: I figure if it worked for Trump it should work for me. From there I started a medium page so I can write articles about my progress and what I’m learning. Next I plan to start a youtube channel where I will make individualized campaign speeches for each state and territory. I also plan to start volunteering so I can help people and see firsthand some of the issues in this country.

I have lived in Texas, Tennessee, and Oregon. I have visited Washington, California, Colorado, New York, Georgia, North Dakota, Nevada, Arizona, Nebraska, Canada, and England. Obviously I still have a lot of studying to do.

Do you have any other tips or ideas for things I should be doing?