365 seconds of 2013

The video where every second is a day. I even started filming just because of this project. But this 6 minute film is not about good cinematography, it’s all about memories of my friends and mine. And here you can find a few observations about this practice.

Timo Camillo
Feb 1, 2014 · 3 min read

You can find out your own narrow-mindeness when you come to repeating frames and shooting life situations. It happens really quick, because all of us have some habits and routines which we live in. So, finally I’ve started looking for interesting frames every moment. I call it “inner photographer mode”.

I’ve started watching for what I’m watching. This is a really valuable ability. I’ve learned looking at myself with eyes of stranger. First thing I saw was a modest area of my habits: similar places, similar decisions, similar frames. Looked boring, but it’s a good starting point for making changes.

I discovered in myself a public shooting fear. I simply couldn’t take my camera out and start. Oops. But now is ok.

Honesty. Every second contained the personal grain of every day memory. It means I can face into the whole yearbook with exceptional honesty. And this visibly differs from what I expected and teaches to be honest to own life: to every day and every second.

Start your day from a drawing board. No matter how cool yesterday was or how boring it was. It only matters what you are feeling and shooting right now. Simple, but change your mind a little bit.

I found the sense of my life. I can’t remember any moment when I asked myself: “Oh, that is May, right?”. All in details.

The best tool is a tool in your hands right now.

Practice like that melts you inside as any other maraphon. You change as time goes. Now I absolutely dislike what I shot a few month ago. Right now I would make it in a different way. But that’s work, now I can see my own changes. That works.

The best way to watch this film is going inside with your family and friends: with people who have lived this year with you. You can stop any second and discuss that day. It’s really fun.

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