My name is Dragos Dobrean and I’m the co-founder of appssemble — a mobile development studio, besides that, I’m also doing my PhD on Mobile Applications Software Architectures, you could say that I live and breath mobile. I built an app that counted the number of calories in your meal by only snapping a photo of your food (aical) and got a signed offer 100.000$ for 45% of it in 4 weeks.

So how did I do it? Everything starts in Cleveland, I was attending an academic conference (IEEE International Conference on Software Maintenance and Evolution) where something caught my attention, there was a talk by Alex Cummaudo where he presented his research on AI/ML API’s and did a comparison of those (Google Vision, Amazon Rekognition, IBM Watson, etc.). …

MVP startups appssemble
MVP startups appssemble

Technology is taking over the world. Taking a quick look around us, we see digitalisation gaining more and more traction.

Even more today, in the light of the pandemic we’re experiencing, global businesses are looking to automatise their processes and replace humans with machines while offering online, technology-based services to their customers — and here’s where digital products enter the scene.

But how do you make sure that the product you build can sustain your business while generating income? And how do you fast, customer feedback-based releases?

At appssemble, we encourage all of our clients to first build an MVP for their product. …

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In our work of building digital products for startups around the world, we get to see how a lot of them thrive, while others fail. But what makes all the differences between unicorns and startups that end up failing?

In this series of articles, we are taking you through some of our best practices when it comes to building and launching mobile startups.

42% of startups fail because there is no market need, 29% because they run out of cash and 19 % of startups fail because they can’t build the right team. …

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