Designing immersive experiences that can actually bring value to our lives

Dematerialization phenomenon

Virtual, augmented, and mixed reality technology allows us to immerse and experience the world beyond physicality or material objects. But in order to do so, there needs to be a motivation or a need that suits our everyday life far beyond entertainment.

So let’s go back in the years and try to find patterns that correlate with the technology at hand, and the potential user needs.

Illustration: Dobrian Dobrev + theDoodle Library

The paradigm coined by Russell Belk stating that “knowingly or unknowingly, intentionally or unintentionally, we regard our possessions as part of ourselves” can no longer apply in today’s world. …

The challenges that we are to face as UX Designers in the ever evolving digital world

Credits: Daz_Qu

As designers, we are currently faced with the challenge of bringing our skillset to the physical world. This article delves into how we should adapt as professionals and will showcase some techniques and resources when it comes to prototyping an immersive experience. We will also touch on how to structure and communicate Information Architecture within a VR/AR/MR environment.

Our current design workflow: What we do today

For all have sinned and fell short of hidden UX practices, here are the seven user sins we succumb to in our daily life

1. Exhibitionism

Credits: Dobrian Dobrev

Thou shalt not reveal himself fully on all social medias

There is a reason why some social media apps have made such an impact on us and have become a regular ritual in our everyday life. Those apps are there to fulfill or satisfy a certain human need or crave.

We are a balanced product of nurture and nature. Apart from our free will, our self-perception is based on social circumstances and external factors. In other words, all of us care more or less what others think of us. …

A UX guide on how to communicate effectively by creating meaningful prototypes

Have you been in this particular situation where a project or a certain feature which is already in implementation phase keeps stalling and could not get signed off due to a lack of communication and a constant change of requirements and expectations? If you’ve been there — I would like to share some tips and insights on how to avoid future frustrations by using prototyping the right way.

Credits: Dobrian Dobrev

Prototypes have been there and seen it all. And I am not talking about the digital era only. A prototype serves as the initial pillar to evaluate and validate a concept within…

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