Dancing Through University Years

While everyone on AUBG campus is crushing with deadlines, and struggling to submit their projects and papers on time, the AUBG Dance Crew is gathering at the gym for another dancing practice. What drives them to dance?

Credits: Anna Salova.

Dancing Helps

“Music stimulates the brain’s reward centers, while dance activates its sensory and motor circuits,” claims the article of Harvard Medical School. Kravtsova shares that joining the Dance Crew has helped her organize her time better. As a first-year student, it was hard for her to manage time properly, and thanks to the club she has learned to combine her academic performance with fun activities.

Nataliya Kravtsova during the Dance Crew practice. Captured by Anna Salova.
“Sometimes I struggle to write a paper, and then after the practice I catch the inspiration,” says Nataliya Kravtsova, a freshman at AUBG.
“Dancing is what I love, and I cannot imagine my university life without the Dance Crew.”

Dancing Expresses

Greta Hristova during the rehearsel. Credits: Dobrin Kalev.

The vice president of the club Greta Hristova refers to dancing as an art.

“For me dancing is a way of expressing my feelings and emotions, as if an artist envisions himself through his work.”

In high school Hristova was a part of aesthetic group gymnastics. In 2014, her team became vice-world champions in this sport. However, it was only at AUBG that she discovered her passion for dancing. Hristova joined the club her freshman year, and since then dancing has become her regular activity.

Dancing Unites

The dancing journey of the club began six years ago, when a group of friends united to share their passion for dancing. Shishova shares that originally it started off as a cheer leading club.

Only after a year the original members expanded their range of activity, and transform it into a club, which encompasses various genres of dancing. Here is when the real story of Dance Crew began.

Veronika Shishova during practice. Photo Credits: Anna Salova
“I call Dance Crew my second family. For me it is not about just dancing, but the whole idea of the team behind it,” shares Veronika Shishova, the current president of the club. “I feel honored to be elected as the president, but I still treat other dancers as my close friends.”
Credits: Dobrin Kalev.

Dancing Invites

The Crew started off with only five members and this fall the number has reached 15. Every year there are new talents discovered during the auditions, held in the beginning of each school year.

The applicants are required to learn a short choreography, as well as show their prepared dance or improvisation. Later the members of the Crew evaluate the newcomers’ performance, and select the new members for their team.

Raya Martinova joined the club at the beginning of Fall 2017, and she has already participated in three performances together with the Dance Crew.

“In Dance Crew we get united. It’s like a small family,” shares Martinova.

Dancing Entertains

Throughout the school year, Dance Crew is invited to perform at various events organized at AUBG. As the Christmas is coming closer, the Dance Crew organizes an entertaining flash mob for the annual Christmas Ball. The students are invited to a workshop, where they can learn all the moves beforehand, and then join the Crew in their performance during the Ball.

Toni Gashi, a new club member, shares that performing in front of such a large audience was a new to him experience.

“It felt great when people came to congratulate us after the performance,” says Gashi.

Dancing Exhibits

In 2015 the AUBG Dance Crew devised their first independent show and continued to do so in the following years.

Credits: Dobrin Kalev.

Evolution of Dance is the name of the upcoming show this spring 2018. The idea behind it is to focus on various dances and styles from the second half of the 20th century until modern times.

“We will try our best to show people how the dance has developed,” says Shishova.
AUBG Dance Crew Rehearsal. Credits: Anna Salova.

Story by: Anna Salova and Dobrin Kalev.

Special thanks to: AUBG Dance Crew.