“A Fulfilling Life Is Dynamic, Not Static. but focusing on the goals and hating the process is just as bad.” Author: VLAD DOLEZAL.

I stumbled across this quote while writing my reflections for project 2. The second project for UX Immersive class has been completed. I’m still learning to improve my time management skills. Definitely saw an improvement there but still room for more. Goal for project 3 is to be able to complete the slides in time for several practice rounds to be better prepared & more confident with giving the presentations. I’m absolutely delighted by the amount of new skills that I’m acquiring by attending this class.

“Happy, content people understand it’s not about reaching the goal. They set goals and aim for them. But they understand that the real excitement of life lies in working towards a goal.” This quote aptly describes my current journey! I am enjoying learning how to test & validate UX research & changes & thoroughly enjoying both the learning process (my journey) & my goal (continuing learning while working in my chosen new field.

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